♪History of Japanese Drum♪
November 17th 1996
 30th Anniversary Event of the founding of the Ota Deaf Welfare Association.

 Four months prior to the above event.
 Volunteers were recruited from the OTA Deaf Association and OTA Sign Language Club to practice for a Japanese Drum performance at the event. With the volunteers having zero experience in drumming, practice was difficult. Some of the problems encountered were: listening comprehension, grasping the judgment of rhythm and beating of the drumsticks on the drum. After a tough and arduous practice (and hitting the wall several times), two songs were performed at the event.
 After the event had concluded, several members decided to continue drumming in the local area Japanese drum group.

March 4th 2001
 The joint Hearing Impaired Welfare Association's 21st anniversary event and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Gunma Deaf Federation.

 Prior to this event, we received requests to perform at this event. We also had people not only from Ota city but other hearing impaired groups and sign language circles within Gunma Prefecture requesting to join the Japanese drum group.
 Once we had collected everyone together, we decided to call ourselves " Ota Wadaiko Group."

♪The Formation.♪

 Many people who are hearing impaired voiced their opinions wanting to join and continue the Japanese Drum group.
April 1 2001
 The first Gunma hearing impaired Wadaiko group named "
Josyu Tatsunoko Wadaiko group" was established.

♪From "Tatsunoko" to "Shinkyo".♪

 The "Josyu Tatsunoko Wadaiko group" was abbreviated to "Tatsunoko", but this name was already used by other Japanese drum groups.
 We decided to think of a new image for our Taiko group to avoid misunderstandings and image associations with other groups.


 From April 2008 we renamed our group The "
Josyu Roudaiko Shinkyo"
 What does " Josyu Roudaiko Shinkyo" mean?
Josyu" = " Gunma Prefecture "
Rou" = "cannot hear. Hearing impaired"
Shinkyo"= "echoed in the hearts and minds".

 Listening is not heard through the ears, but is felt and absorbed through the heart and mind.
 Each member plays passionately with every beat of the Taiko, which in turn resonates through the hearts, and minds of our audience.

 ...and that is the origins of "Joysu Roudaiko Shinkyo"